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This global pentacle  symbolizes the concept of Universal currency.  Money makes the world go around and through the advent of the Internet and the credit card system the world no longer has restrictive economic exchange problems.  You can now purchase anything anywhere in the world, right from your own home.  This Ace of Pentacles also epitomizes the secure and grounded energy behind the element of earth.  It represents the concrete ideas and well laid foundations that manifest long-term, productive projects. 

When you draw this card, you are nurturing yourself with a reward.  When you work hard and do a good job it is important for your psychological well being for you to recognize and acknowledge your efforts.  This act of self-love reinforces your self worth and self-esteem.  You are taking care of yourself and you are worthy of being loved. 

To insure success when manifesting abundance it is important for you to always see yourself as having more than enough, more than what you need. 


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