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The Ace of Swords has the dramatic speed and power of the element of air.  Traditionally this card represents “strength developed through adversity,” or “something positive emerging from a negative beginning.”  When a volcano erupts it causes great destruction but at the same time produces new land.  When a Buddhist monk enters his spiritual life, he detaches from his family and renounces all his worldly possessions.  The Ace of Swords cuts with great force and in its place new growth appears.  The power here is swift, merciless and immediate.

When you receive this card you are being told to focus your mind with clear intent.  By doing this you empower yourself not only with mental and intellectual energies but with the power of a directed mind.  By disciplining your thoughts with good logic and strength of purpose, you can accomplish your objectives by using the power of this time in a positive way. 

The Ace of Swords can also represent a triumph of great force with major changes as a result or a birth of something very important.  Unwanted thoughts and behavior will be cut away.  This may be a difficult period of adjustment but it will soon lead to a better condition.

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