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The inside of this pocket watch displays eight working pentacle wheels.  Their gears cause each other to move and to make time.  There is a synchronicity to their movement and each one employs the next creating an exertion of force. Being productive is very healthy, especially when you have a positive and happy sense of purpose.  You become a unique part of a larger whole and there is a flow and a rhythm to what you do.   As a contributing adult you gain a sense of accomplishment and this helps you to feel good about your self.  If you work at something you enjoy it is reward enough in itself.  Getting paid for it is like receiving a rich bonus that is heaven sent.  If this is the case in your life then you should take it as a strong confirmation that you are following your best path.  On the other hand, if you are not happy doing your present work, you need to re-evaluate your situation.  Determine where you would rather be and what you need to do in order to get there and then make the change.  Life is about choices.



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