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There are many kinds of prisons in this world.  The worst of these are the prisons of the mind where what you think and believe can actually block your growth and evolution.  A person can stay in this restrictive confinement for the longest time feeling all the while that it is their  fate when in reality it is only their  limited thinking.  When you say "I can't do it", you send out that negative vibration.  Those that see you, hear you or even think about you may pick up on this vibration.  In turn, they internalize that thought and project it back to you so that this finally validates your negativity and you accept it as reality.  

In the bigger picture, it is the unconscious part of your mind that actually takes you to this prison.  Something in your life is not working in a functional manner and you do not see it.  Your higher self is telling you to change your method of operation.  Life is a state of mind. 

You can remain in this mental imprisonment until something shakes you out of it or you actually change yourself.   Internal change only comes when you are finally ready.  This type of growth can be very painful and it is your fear that holds you back. You must trust that the Law of Karmic Justice will always find a way to balance the scales in your life and your luck.

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