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Although Maggie still has two full cups of milk she is grieving over the three that have been lost.  However, Mr. Jiggs is not wasting any time crying over spilt milk.  In life there are times we may experience some loss in the process of receiving something, such as a disappointing inheritance or an alliance or marriage carrying with it bitterness and frustration.

It has really been the "Me Generation" who has started the process of healing the dysfunction that exists in most family systems.  Seven out of ten families are not functional and many of them are riddled with unconscious behaviors and patterns that are psychologically damaging.  The reason that this statistic is so high is because most people assume that the behavior they grew up with is normal.  However when they try to apply it in their own lives they discover that it doesn’t work and most of the time they have attracted a mate who is also going through the same revelation.  Unlike other generations that have gone before, the "Me Generation" has refused to stay in their unhappy plight. Consequently we now have one of the highest rates of divorce in the history of North America.  Happily however, over the past thirty years we have started to study these dysfunctions and have developed psychological tools, which can help us to heal ourselves. 

Now we just have to make that the norm!



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