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A beautifully wrapped gift is surrounded by four pentacles.  This symbology has a two-fold meaning.  Initially it can be seen to represent an unexpected gift coming to you, which will bring you joy or satisfy a long cherished desire.  This gift can range from something actually in the physical form or can be of an intangible nature touching the emotional and psychological.  The second interpretation is the complete antithesis of the first, an unexpected expense.  One of which you are not happy about as it will cause you some level of discomfort to meet.  Possibly you will have to replace a faulty water heater or put a new radiator in your car.  The unplanned expense will be such that it will inhibit or delay some other plan that you may have had for that money and possibly because of this cause emotional or psychological upset.

Either way, the Four of Pentacles represents a Karmic exchange whether it is coming in or going out.  When the unexpected gift arrives you can be sure that you are being repaid for something you have given in the past, whether in this lifetime or another.  When the unwanted expense appears it will also fulfill some Karmic balance.  Some people find that they can be riddled with long debilitating spells of bad luck or unplanned for expenses which not only inhibit their progress but also take them so far into debt that they are unable to make their finances work.  They may wonder why this has happened to them and you can be sure that it has only been a Karmic balance that has taken place. 

Karma, n. (Buddh.). Sum of a personís actions in one of his successive states of existence, viewed as deciding his fate in the next; destiny.  (Oxford Dictionary)

Nothing in life is free and there are no free rides.  When these unexpected advantages or disadvantages happen in your life there will always be some kind of exchange taking place to attune and maintain balance in the development of the soul. 


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