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This little Mexican is tucked under his sombrero while four swords move around him in a clockwise motion.  You are not sure whether he is sleeping, listening or meditating, but you know he is unavailable.  The movement of the swords suggests that you might be wise to wait twenty-four hours before you make any decisions.

Sometimes you have to withdraw from life in order to find your balance.  The Chinese Proverb, “First thought, worst thought!” really says it quite plainly.  You have to be able to quiet yourself enough so that you can really get a sense of what is going on.  You may not have a total grasp of your situation or you may be stunned by your emotional reaction and feel out of balance.  Then again, you may just want to retreat to a safe place for a while.  If you can detach yourself long enough from the situation then you can slow down your response.  This will enable you to study your best course of action and prevent yourself from making too quick a decision or a possible mistake.

When you feel insecure about something it is sometimes better to ponder over what is actually challenging you.  It is important to remove as much of your ego and emotions out of your decision making process.  Some people believe that you can do this by writing your problem down on a piece of paper and putting it under your pillow.  After a few nights of sleep, the best answer will come into your mind.  This technique not only employs the conscious mind but it also draws on the reactions of the un-conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious minds. All of these levels of thought have an influence on how you think and feel.  You must learn to listen to all of them and respect even the smallest reaction whether it is emotional, physical or intuitive.  You are a sentient being and you have an uncanny ability to sense danger and escape.



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