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The Hermitess is lighting the way for those who will follow in her footsteps.  She is doing this unselfishly and without any ulterior motive outside of the fact that she feels compelled on a soul level to lead the way.  She may be a pioneer in a new field or simply someone who is entering into a unknown area of consciousness.  To avoid ridicule or negative interference she does not share her plight with anyone.  She simply stays focused on her path and quietly keeps moving towards her goal. 

There are periods in your life when you are forced to spend time alone.  At the same time you may also  have to carry great burdens and responsibilities.  Your only recourse is to go deep within yourself and draw on your own strengths and resources.  This is a very selfless time period and often you may find that you go through a shift where you are stripped of your ego.  Consequently in order for you to survive this emotionally, you may become more thick-skinned than usual making you stronger and less susceptible to suggestion.  You may also become very reclusive and unwilling to exchange too much information with others.  Sometimes, it is just easier to continue on your own path without depleting your energy with explanations to those who don’t have the capacity to understand anyway.

Remember that everything happens for a reason.  When you endure this kind of “Rite of Passage”, it is happening to prepare you for something else that is yet to come.



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