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This black cardinal represents the judicial authority and theological doctrines found in traditional institutions and organized religion.  Throughout time man has identified with these figureheads and dogma for validation of his belief system and to structure his code of behavior within society.  Their presence represents convention and social conformity as well as a direct connection to God.  The ceremonies and symbolic rituals performed by these Holy men and authority figures impact both the conscious and unconscious mind and give credibility to intangible beliefs. They are pillars within the community of the world.

Each of you, in your own time, will seek to find your own truth.  You may look in a number of directions for your answers.  When you draw this card you are being shown that you will receive advice from a Hierophant.  This person will help you to find your way whether it is simply to answer your questions about God or to actually represent you legally.  The appearance of the card can also herald a ceremonial observance like a wedding or a court session that you will attend.  Regardless of its nature it will be based on traditional codes of behavior within society.

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