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This youthful High Priestess holds a crystal ball in her hands to enhance her intuitive powers and understanding of higher truths.  She is the Guardian of Hidden Wisdom and Esoteric knowledge.  The Egyptian Third Eye on her brow signifies that she has learned how to transcend time and space with her mind to access Universal Knowledge.  On her shoulder sits a little owl which personifies psychic powers, wisdom of the supernatural and assistance from unseen forces.  Like the moon the High Priestess has the cool, dark energy of the feminine “Yin”.  Although she epitomizes the ideal “anima”, she has chosen to live in a state of celibacy.  She strives for an elevated spiritual love that rises above physical desires.   She is the Female Pope and the embodiment of the virgin daughter archetype.  The infinity sign floating above her head symbolizes timelessness and the power of silence. 

When you draw this card you are being alerted that there are unseen forces at work and that the cards will not tell you anything more.  Your best source of insight will come through your own intuition, gut feelings and dreams.  You will be in the dark about your future for, if you knew, you would probably contrive your behavior and miss the coming opportunity.  You will just have to trust the Universe.


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