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This “Tai Ji Tu” is the Universal symbol for “Yin and Yang” and it is known as the “Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate”.  The feminine “Yin” represents the negative dark and the masculine “Yang” represents the positive light.  When married to each other these two opposites create a balanced whole.  Their equally proportioned sides symbolize the natural equilibrium created by universal justice.  The actions of one side invoke a reaction from the other and in so doing this acts out the Law of Cause and Effect.  

To progress this karmic concept one step further you can see that what you give out in your life you will get back.  There will always be an equalizing balance that occurs although it may take time or it may not be readily apparent.  The matching exchange of energy will eventually return to you through alternative sources.  What goes around comes around!

When you draw this card you are being given the opportunity to look at the ramifications of your thoughts and actions and how they are steering the course in your life. 

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