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This brilliant King of Swords is preoccupied with power and thought as he skillfully rules the element of air.  He can be like the wind moving people and situations crossing his path, either with the gentleness of a breeze or with the fury of a gale.  He reacts quickly with razor sharp accuracy and strives to achieve perfection, eloquence and truth.  His standards are high and he has little patience for the lack of discipline and order.  He demands strict adherence and has been known to rule harshly when he is dissatisfied.   In his pursuit of excellence, he gravitates towards elevated thinking whether it is in the areas of governmental law or fine arts.  He is a man of vision and his thoughts can transcend time and space.  Normally he is detached from thoughts of love, but when he does enter a romantic relationship, it is with fervent passion like a hurricane hitting a shore.

When you draw this card it is telling you to prepare yourself for the truth about unclear situations that exist in your life.  Sometimes you will welcome this truth as it casts light on shadows and illusions that have inhibited your development and growth.  Other times you will want to reject the truth because it will force you to face harsh realities about yourself or others.  Either way the truth is the truth and in time it will always reveal itself and set you free.

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