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This brave Roman legion wears a fiery helmet and studies the past to understand the present and predict the future.  He consistently carries a large sword with him and rushes everywhere he goes with fierce intensity. There is a steel edged discipline within his nature and he is blessed with quick intelligence and genius strategy.  The Knight of Swords is very sure of himself and being an air sign, often intellectualizes his conflicts before they actually materialize in the physical.  This is why he reacts quickly and with military efficiency when he deals with confrontation and change.

 Drawing this card heralds a stormy situation.  Something is going to happen that will change your direction.  There may be conflict that you cannot avoid and you might be forced to take a stand.  This will be abrupt and you may even feel as though something has been cut away from you.  Trust that everything happens for a reason and this will help you to accept the changes.  This storm blows off quickly but it will have redirected your course.

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