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This naked couple symbolizes the principles of love and sexual intimacy.  The somewhat aggressive action made by the female has the strong message of “Choice”.  When a woman sleeps with a man she has made the conscious decision to couple with him.  This is a determination that ultimately must be made by the female because she is the receptive “Yin” and will have to carry a child if procreation is the result.  Ideally her mate will be there to support her, but the reality is that she will have to take responsibility for her decision.

When you draw this card you can be sure that you will soon have to make an important choice.  It may have nothing to do with sexual intimacy but it may very well have a life altering impact on you.  Think carefully if you have the time to examine all your options.  You will make the best choice for yourself if you allow your entire psyche to encapsulate all of your thinking.  If time is not a luxury that you have, then you may have to listen solely to your intuition.  Some of your best decisions will be made by your gut reactions and how well you trust your instincts.   



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