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Since the beginning of time, dogs have howled at the moon and mankind has been mystified by her ever-changing shape and beauty.  The moon stimulates deep instinctive reactions and impacts every living thing on the planet.  Each year this celestial body orbits the earth thirteen times causing the tides to come and go.  Her influence is powerful yet illusive and can enhance your intuitive abilities or veil reality from your eyes. 

Psychic forces are at work here and you must pay close attention to everything that happens around you.  Even the smallest and most insignificant occurrence can have a meaning.  Expect the unexpected and a lot of unpredictability.  Hidden powers are being revealed and you may have a number of surprises.  You will still be in the dark about the future because if you knew, it would contrive your behavior.

Psychologically you are entering the unknown unconscious part of your mind and you may be amazed at what you find.  It is important for you to pay close attention to all your reactions as well as any reactions that come from the people around you.  These conscious and unconscious responses are secrets surfacing from the depths of your being and they can serve as signposts as you work your way through this revealing time.

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