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Nine wands stand like ripening wheat waiting for the sand timer to run its course.  There is the threat of a hail storm and yet you remain calm and fixed in your position.  Harvesting now would be premature.  You have developed enough character and patience to wait for the correct time.  Your resolve is clear, your foundation deeply secure and your stance unshakable. 

By placing yourself on top of matters you put yourself in a strong position and make all attacks from the outside impossible.  You maintain your strength by your actions.  You help your allies by standing behind them and strengthening them with your support.  When you draw this card you are being shown a victory after a long period of adversity.  There will be great achievement, but only after a long delay.  This struggle will serve to strengthen your inner fortitude and will infuse you to find the power that lies within yourself. This is the most powerful card within the Minor Arcana and it empowers everything that it touches.


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