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Our barter system is based on the exchange of money. Answer the Phone!  Money is just another form of energy.  Currency unto itself is of little value, only a token representing a medium of exchange.  It is how you put it to use that is important.  When you have a healthy attitude towards money you are quite detached.  You see it rather as something that is flowing towards you like a nice warm breeze that you would raise your sails to harness.  Many things in life are just like this analogy and so it really comes down to the choices that we make in our lives.  The ringing red phone with the pentacle on itís front represents a message coming in about money, finance or business.  There is a fortuitous opportunity for you if you just take the initiative and pick up the phone.  The energy around money  has an infectious nature and creates a wave of excitement which can travel a long distance on its own inertia.  Learning to harness this energy is the basic fundamentals of learning to create financial abundance.

Your phone is ringing.  What are you going to do?  Are you going to answer it?   



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