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This gentle Aphrodite is Queen of the emotional Element of Water.  As is her birthright she baths in a large goblet of milk symbolizing fulfillment of sensual pleasures.  She wears a heart crown that represents her loving nature and she nurtures with the milk of human kindness.  Like the changing moods of the ocean, her emotions can swing through dramatic extremes.  This Queen rules and maintains control by balancing her sensitive feelings and strong passions.  She has a fluid nature and can adapt herself quickly to divergent mentalities and environments.  She is very intuitive and empathic and her psychic abilities are challenged by few.  Men often fantasize about this Queen for her beauty and her uncanny ability to please. 

If you draw this card you will have greater success in your environment if you become more adaptable.  Use more psychology when dealing with certain individuals who are not accepting or trusting by nature.  The path of least resistance may be the way to go until you have gained the confidence of those around you.  Tread carefully and allow your sensitivity to guide your way.



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