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The Queen of the Earth holds a blue quartz to assist her in generating love and healing energy.   She balances a golden Globe Pentacle in her palm to symbolize her natural affinity for making money.  She is generous and loving and nurtures all those she cares for only as Mother Earth could.  Her two horned  crown represents her strong connection with the earthly realm and her heightened sensitivity to touch and physical sensations.  Although she is quite independent and self-sufficient, she is a devoted wife and partner to her husband the King of Pentacles.  Her keen perceptive abilities makes her extremely sensitive and one who can read between the lines.

When you draw this card your body is speaking to you.  What it is saying can be directly related to how you feel emotionally and psychologically.  Your mind is a powerful tool and if you look for the hidden meaning behind your ailment you may just find an answer that can cure.  For example, if your hands hurt you may be having a hard time holding on to something in your life.  If your arms arenít working properly it could mean that you are unable to reach for what you really want.  Eye problems indicate not wanting to see whereas ear problems indicate not wanting to hear.  Every ailment in your body has a metaphysical interpretation and your body can tell you what you need to know if you just learn to listen to it.


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