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This pale Queen holds her sword by its blade and looks to the past for guidance.  She has dealt with sorrow and hardship and like the element of air can transcend time and space with her thoughts.   Both she and her mate, the King of Swords, are famous for their quick intelligence and brilliant ability to communicate sophisticated thoughts and images.  However, his cold nature and preoccupation with power have often left her feeling sad and emotionally unfulfilled.   For this reason she often spends time alone and can be seen to represent privation and widowhood.

This same strength that enables her to stand independently also allows her to carry great responsibility.  She holds a large piece of green apophylite in her left hand.  This mineral from India creates a conscious connection between the physical and astral realms.  Apophylite empowers her with the clarity to access Universal truths and heightens her intuitive ability to “gaze”.  Her sharp mind coupled with her cool demeanor makes her judgment fair but stern.  As an opponent she is formidable and as an ally she is dauntless.  Either way you will always know where you stand. 

When you draw this card you are being alerted that something or someone in your life is testing you.  You must stay focused on acting not reacting.   In order to maintain your balance and a clear perspective it is important to remain emotionally detached.  You must not allow yourself to be thrown off balance.  This way you will have the internal fortitude and mental clarity necessary to withstand this assault.



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