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The Queen of Wands holds her staff in her right hand and looks to the future with optimism.  She is highly respected for her use of the power of “Positive Thinking” and her ability to turn negative situations into positive accomplishments. This Fire Queen can channel Universal Truths and with the use of this knowledge, she has the strength to heal.  Her crown burns brightly igniting her quick mind with spontaneous thoughts and creativity.  She is a great mother, good friend and wife.   Her path is that of supporting and nurturing others and her innate warmth of spirit makes her well loved and appreciated.  However,  her fierce loyalty to those she cares about can cause her to use this same passionate fire in defending those she loves.  She teaches us that the element of fire not only keeps us warm but it is a great cleanser as it purifies all that it burns.

On a deeper level there may be someone or something around you that is hostile or making you feel uncomfortable.  Consciously and unconsciously you need to nurture yourself and strengthen your inner fortitude and resolve.  Remember it is not imperative that everyone like you, but more importantly, that you like yourself.



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