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Seven gold cups stand filled with illusionary figures and fantasies.  They represent some of the more commonly known daydreams such as rainbows and fireworks, precious jewels, love affairs flavored with wild, uncensored sexual pleasures, vulgar quantities of money and the belief that somewhere on the planet there still exists an untouched paradise.  It is important to have a good imagination as long as you remember to come back and live in the present.  An over-active imagination, if left unchecked, cannot only lead to illusion and unrealistic thinking but limited attainment.  Traditionally this tarot card means, “to lack the tenacity to transform dreams into reality”.

When you draw this card you are being told to take a look at yourself and your present intent. The structure that you are trying to build does not have a solid foundation.  You don't even trust your own process let alone your environment and consequently this is blocking your development.  Unconsciously you have sabotaged yourself so that you will fail and this will ultimately force you to look at the problem.  What is it that you are not seeing?  Your higher self is leading you to self-realization and healing. 


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