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A hand balances this unstable group of wands in the formation of the lucky number “7”. This is no small feat and it requires a lot of concentration as well as a little good luck.  Although this situation is volatile and demands constant focus, psychologically you derive confidence from the knowledge that the number “7” is fortuitous.  This sense of good fortune gives you an edge and makes you feel as though you are in a position of advantage and quite invincible.

This is an exaggerated example,  however, life is full of demanding challenges that create tremendous pressure and stress.  Maintaining your balance while surviving these tests is an integral part of getting to know yourself and becoming self reliant.  These trials and tribulations force you to develop internal fortitude and stamina while you learn about your strengths and weaknesses.  This type of self awareness teaches you to trust your own instincts and your ability to survive.  You develop a relationship with yourself and in turn, this fosters self-confidence and ultimately places you a  “head above the rest”.

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