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These six golden cups signify relationships that stand the test of time.  Here a couple is seen both young and old and their love endures throughout the test of time.  These associations are soul connections that serve as touchstones in the unfolding evolution of your life.  You may see them repeatedly or only a few times, but they impact your psyche and help you to feel connected to the inner workings of your soul. 

 When you draw this card, psychologically, you have become aware that you are acting out an unconscious program.  You recognize a pattern in your behavior and you are aware that you are attracting the same personalities in your personal associations.  They may appear to be different but their behavior is just the same.  Each one in turn acts out emotional abandonment or emotional unavailability so that your needs are never met by anyone.  This awareness is the first step to stopping your reoccurring dysfunctional program.  In order to heal you must become conscious of what you are doing unconsciously.  You may feel as though your progress is slow but you must understand that you have been this way for a long time and you cannot turn this unconscious behavior off like a light switch.  It will take time for you to see all the pitfalls that you have created for yourself but slowly you will eliminate them out of your life and begin to gather healthy and emotionally available relationships. 


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