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You have just survived a difficult period in your life.  Although you are not completely out of danger you have moved away from the source of the threat and stress.  You know in your heart that you will be safe but you must actively stay focused on your intent to avoid further danger.  When you are completely safe then you will release these negative pictures and return to a balanced and happy state of mind.  It will take time however to deprogram from your reaction to this experience and you should shelter yourself from any unwanted influences or challenges.

This experience has forced you to connect with your higher self.  You have used your sixth sense in finding a safe passage.  This aspect of your intelligence is one that all humans and most animals have and it employs the use of clairsentience.  Clairsentience is the ability to feel emotions, thoughts and energy fields as well as to empathize with physical pain.  Since man has walked on two legs he has been learning to sense danger.  He has learned to avoid the lion that he sensed was lurking behind the hill and trusted his gut and took another trail home.  Some of you donít listen to this part of yourselves and it surely is a loss for you.  You need to practice getting really quiet inside of yourself and focusing on your feelings.  This way if you are in any real danger, you will trust what you feel.

You may be aware that someone or something, possibly a guardian angel or a lucky break, is present in your life.  They are helping you through a difficult time.  Donít question why this is happening, just understand that you are being protected from further difficulties and that you should move quickly and without attracting any attention.



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