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A victorious turtle crosses the finish line while a shocked hare tries to break record speeds to catch up.  This overconfident hare was so sure that he would win that he foolishly lay down for a nap.  The tortoise moved slowly and tenaciously without losing hope and eventually surpassed his sleeping opponent and won.  In life we may not all have the same God given talents, but it is what you do with what you have that counts.  The ones who works hard at being the best that they can be will end up being the winners.

When you receive this card you are being told that there is a great triumph coming to you.  There will be important news realizing your hopes and the knowledge that you have overcome your fears or shortcomings.  It is because you maintained a positive outlook and trusted your inner feelings about the future that you were able to achieve your objective.  You made a promise to yourself and you kept it. 


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