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Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to maintain healthy boundaries.  Some relationships may even force you to make a show of strength to defend these boundaries.  That is what this card means, a confrontational situation that requires you to show some strength and make your resistance understood.

There are many types of strength.  In this painting Mr. Jiggs represents physical strength and animal instincts.  You  feel more present and in touch with your body when you know your own physical strength. The psychic lady represents mental strength, the power of positive thinking and inner convictions.  When you feel mentally strong  you have the psychological edge and stamina to endure long struggles and campaigns.  The quartz crystal represents hidden strength and the ability to utilize it.  Your hidden, inner strength comes from the belief you have in yourself and your convictions. 

Ideally the best world would be one that never has conflicts and confrontations but that is not the real world, not now at least.  Sometimes you just have to establish healthy boundaries.


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