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Maggie and Jiggs and little Jiggs are encircled by ten large pentacles.  This simple symbology depicts family wealth, inheritance and lineage.  Traditionally, this Tarot Card represents the accumulation of wealth and knowledge that is handed down from one generation to the next. 

Maggie and Jiggs have created a new branch of their family tree.  Little Jiggs has inherited the genetics and idiosyncrasies of his parents and he is a nice integration of them both.  Besides his inherited qualities he will be greatly influenced by how his parents live and think.  Their actions and conduct will write the programs of his behavioral patterns.  As this family lives and grows together, they will learn and evolve at the same time.  This is called “Family Intelligence” and regardless of age or gender the entire family will learn and respond to their environment collectively.  Ultimately what Little Jiggs learns at home and his level of functionality will determine how he interacts with the world. 

The family system is the core of society.  Creating  a functional family system in your own home is the first step towards creating a functional world community.


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