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THE TEN OF WANDSThis lone Inuit pushes his dog sled filled with a cargo of ten wands. His head is bent down with intent. He does not see that his team has stopped in overwhelmed  wonderment at the northern lights. This Eskimo is coping with the demands of a long voyage. He is maintaining a steady and consistent pace so as not to deplete his energy before he loses daylight. This card means: “Success after a long struggle.  No matter how much you feel like giving up, stay focused on your positive thoughts for they will light your way through the darkness.”

When you are anticipating a long commitment of time it is important to prepare yourself psychologically.  You must temper your energy.  Being patient is an enduring test and it is important that you have the right attitude to succeed.  

You should always have short term goals.  They will give you confidence when you attain them and this acts like fuel in feeding your ability to endure. You must stay strong and clear in your intent regardless of how isolated you may feel or however long it may take.  If you are true to yourself and trust in your own process, you will learn to know yourself.  These tests that you endure and survive build the fabric of your life.

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