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Three wands stand planted around a large dollar sign and their meaning is strong and healthy growth in the area of finance. These wands are collaborating their strength to ensure success.  Wands have the properties of fire and their symbology represents igniting energies like sparks catching and then exploding into flame.  

There are few events that are as exciting as the birth of a new enterprise.  Imagine a new venture, an entity unto itself, perpetuating a source of income while mirroring it's creators consciousness and intent.  This is not unlike a small child emulating their parents habits and mannerisms and yet evolving into their own person.  The entity will begin to think for itself and somehow balance all the components necessary to becoming a productive business.  Eventually leading to the day when you will work for the business instead of the business working for you.

As the creator you will have purpose and turn ideas into reality.  This journey in life will teach you about financial independence and economic forethought.  You will become acquainted with taxation and business legalities.  You will develop your abilities of manifestation and your awareness of potential pitfalls.  You will learn about supply and demand and how you must temper your energies. This is about competition and staying clear and trusting your own judgment.   This is about commitment and endurance of spirit. This is about dreams coming true.



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