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Maggie and Jiggs share two cups of milk.  They represent a matched pair or partners in life. They are two hearts beating as one and the strength of their connection transcends time and space.  Maggie and Jiggs represent the balance found in the Yin and the Yang and they nourish each other with the good things in life. 

They often sing duets together and in doing so have to learn to think as one.  They breathe at the same time, sing in the same tempo, begin and end at the same time and make sure that their voices harmonize and blend.  They enmesh themselves so closely to each other that they develop a type of ESP intelligence in their communication.  Maggie and Jiggs have learned to anticipate each otherís thoughts and feelings and there relationship is enhanced by this sensitivity.

This innate pull towards pairing up is a natural inclination of the human spirit.  To share life with someone is a great blessing.  This type of union is not restricted to married individuals and can be found in business and friendship as well.  Two heads are better than one.   



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