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I am available for "telephone readings".

 These sessions last 30 ($80US), 45 ($105US) and 60 minutes ($130US).  It is best to prepare a list of questions as this will help you to get more out of your session.  I accept  Master Card, Visa or a money order sent prior to your appointment date.  

I am also offering mini-20 minute readings that cost $45.00 US. These are great for those of you who only have a few questions.

Telephone readings are the secret when you are searching for the right answers!  Receive instant answers with a phone call, today.  Call Dickie today at 1-403-251-5817 or 1-808-965-7232 and get the answer to your question.

Divination can answer questions ranging from finance to love advice. Call for an appointment, today!

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1-403-251-5817 or 1-808-965-7232


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