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Traditionally the Devil represents bondage like this ball and chain. Addictive behavior can also enslave people when they habituate pain, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and sex as symbolized in this painting. These behaviors quickly become obsessive compulsive through abnormal, uncontrolled repetition and ultimately indicate the unconscious release of suppressed anger. Everyone is capable of dysfunctional behavior at some point in time. Throughout life each individual determines their own degree of freedom by the choices that they make and their behavioral patterns.

When you draw this card you are being blocked from moving forward. Something either internally or externally is inhibiting you. If it is internally perpetuated then it is because you have become disconnected from the flow of life and are a prisoner of your own design. You may be stuck and not wanting to face your own demons. Try to get in touch with the source of your pain so that you can release it and move on to a healthier place. However if this block is the result of an external force then ultimately the Universe is holding you back for a reason. Sometimes you just have to accept restrictive turns of fate and trust that they are happening for your highest good.


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