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This Jester is jumping through the air, totally unaware of where he may land or what he may encounter.  He has enough faith in his own process that he trusts that his way will be clear and guided.  He is the consciousness between "thought" and "event".  What you think you will manifest making life a state of mind.  

So many times in life you may talk yourselves out of doing things because you do not feel in control or you have limited knowledge and experience.   This is often a sad mistake because you are not believing in yourselves.  You must learn to trust the flow of life, especially when there are synchronistic events which validate your actions.  These coincidences are the magic in life that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.  You feel a "God Force" directing your course and if you can relax enough to allow yourselves to be led, then the possibilities are limitless. This "State of Grace" is a place of subtle intuition where making choices or decisions is personified by an inner conviction that no matter what life has in store, it is going to be alright.



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