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This Flamboyant King holds a golden globe in his hand and envisions the future with purpose.  He is a mastermind in the circulation of money and he uses his natural resources in creating sound finance. This man often takes the initiative and has the intangible quality of transforming ideas into action.  Manifesting money can often be seen as a direct reflection of your level of prosperity consciousness. If you think that you are worthy of receiving abundance in your life then you will. However if you donít see yourself as worthy of having financial security then you will unconsciously sabotage yourself. 

There is a very good creative visualization exercise, which can be used to enhance your ability to attract money.  See yourself standing under a shower of large flakes of gold. Imagine the air thick with them reflecting the light and sparkling all around you. All your financial needs are met and you are always receiving as much as you will ever need. You are lovingly honoring and providing for your needs.



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