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This cavalier Knight of Cups wears a feather in his hat and pleases all those he meets with his seductive charm.  He is a romantic at heart, pursuing crusades with a chivalrous sincerity and attracting women's affections like a knight in shining armor.  No matter how honorable his intentions are, he is a water sign and like the changing movement of the tides, he can shift his attention from one level of attachment to another.  Regardless of the duration of his relationships, everyone enjoys his happy company and inviting nature.

Knights for the most part represent events in your life.  The Knight of Cups specifically indicates new experiences relating to emotional concerns and personal relationships. This can represent a variety of situations ranging from an invitation to participate in a new social environment to a marriage proposal that fulfills your highest aspirations.  Whether this opportunity is merely a brief encounter or a scenario that is around you for the rest of your life, you will feel enriched by it and know that there is an order to the workings of the universe.



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