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An exchange of energy is taking place in this picture.  The hand from above is tossing six pentacles to the hands below.  The concept of philanthropy is represented through money changing hands in the form of a gift.  As these figures are interchangeable it is hard to know which is the giver and which is the receiver.

To take this concept one step further we can graduate our thinking to the philosophy of “What you give out in life you will get back”.  Many times in life we may feel compelled to be generous in certain situations.  It is as though we are unconsciously fulfilling some karmic debt that we owe and once we have done so we get a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.  “It is better to give than to receive", and this is why the "Joy of giving", still exists in such abundance in the world today.  So when you find yourself compelled to give, don’t question why you are doing it, just know that you are fulfilling a need, “To give is to receive”.

Aloha to all my American Clients! I am presently in Hawaii and can be reached at 808-933-2703. For those of you in Canada you can still reach me at  250-836-2133 which rings through to Hawaii. Mahalo.

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