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Three monks sit toasting each other while their shadows rise up behind them depicting extreme exaggeration of their merriment.  These figures suggest celebration, social bonding and sharing humor.  Laughter is the key to sanity and one of the most effective ways of releasing pent up stress and emotions.  When you are able to laugh at yourself and not take the whole thing so seriously then you are able to start healing both emotionally and psychologically.  Sharing humor with others can open up an opportunity for bonding and this in turn fosters the healing of the self as well. 

When you laugh until the tears run down your face something is triggered in your endorphin system, much the same as when you have a really good cry.  These intense emotional responses can cause a chemical to be released into your body that has a calming affect similar to that of a subtle morphine.  In turn, this generates a feeling of well being and tells your auto immune system that all is in balance again.  This is why humor and laughter are believed to assist in the combat against cancer and degenerative diseases.

So if you havenít laughed today give yourself a shake and find the humor in something in your life.  Throw back your head and have a good long laugh and celebrate your life!



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