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This illustrates the subtle anatomy of a naked man juggling two pentacles.  The subtle anatomy or chakra system is made up of seven energy centers that exist in the human body.

1.  The base chakra is red and governs your energy levels, your connection to the earth and your ambitions.
2.  The sacral or sexual chakra is orange and governs your passions, your sexual needs and your creative energy.
3.  The solar plexus chakra is yellow and governs your will, your personal power and your ability to relate to others.
4.  The heart chakra is green and governs your emotions, your feelings and your emotional responses to others.

  The throat chakra is blue and governs your self-expression and your truthfulness.
6.  The brow or third eye chakra governs your discernment, your intuition and your wisdom.
7.  The crown chakra governs your connection with the Divine and Universal Knowledge, the embodiment of your beliefs and your capacity for unconditional love.

When your chakra system is openly connected and running smoothly then you are in balance. You feel alive and in rhythm with your destiny.  Your mind, body and spirit are energized and you have the where with all to manifest financial abundance.

On a more mundane level the Two of Pentacles represents that your troubles are not as serious as they had seemed and your finances are balanced because your income is meeting your expenditures.



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